Payday Loans Scrutinized

With more American’s struggling financially, payday loans are coming under scrutiny for trapping the working poor in a vicious cycle of debt. Armen Keteyian reports.

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7 Responses to “Payday Loans Scrutinized”

  1. luvs2teach00 says:

    Payday loans benefit people who get paid monthly. You have to wean yourself off them and that is what I am doing. I believe that the government should regulate the interest of payday loaners. People will call that socialism, but it is better to do that then to take advantage of low income middle class people. School systems, parents, communities, and our federal government need to take a class in economic and financial literacy.

  2. thesouthrapsucks says:

    fuck a payday loan

  3. HowlinJay says:

    I work for a “Payday Loan” office…they’re fucking evil. Trust me.

    The company I work for treats their employees like shit, and they don’t give a goddamn about the customer.

  4. vaguy78 says:

    The gentleman at :42 appears to be retrieving a rifle and box of ammo from the back of his truck. Perhaps he is attempting to settle his debts in a non-traditional manner?

  5. SAXORXIII says:

    how would you that legaly?

  6. aclemons1004 says:

    I would never make a deal with the payday devil again. Credit Unions (especially State) offer a much better salary loan advance if your in need of money…for me it works so much better and intrest is much lower and the best part is the intrest taken goes into a separate savings account.

  7. DCNov says:

    if you’re having problems getting a payday loan it’s because of your credit most likely, if your having problems and are interested in repairing your credit score write me. I can help raise it up 150 points legally.

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