How Much Credit Line Can Orchardbank Sercured Credit Card Offer Me With Bad Credit?

Man. My company ran out of buisness long time ago, and I need about $1000 quick cash, but my credit is bad. After all research, the only option I have seems OrchardBank. How much credit line do they offer to someone with real bad credit under 520?

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4 Responses to “How Much Credit Line Can Orchardbank Sercured Credit Card Offer Me With Bad Credit?”

  1. Jackstar says:

    The average is a $200-300 credit limit. And they will probably charge you about $70 annual fee which they will deduct from your credit line right away.

  2. Just Me says:


  3. petey00p says:

    If they actually approve the application, I’d be surprised if they offered more than $250-$300. That’s pretty much their limit on “low score” applicants.

  4. Alphagee says:

    check out here you will be able to compare all major credit cards side by side on rates and rewards. GOOD, BAD OR NO CREDIT they have the right card for you.

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