How Do You Get An Credit Card With Bad Credit And If You Are Working By Cash Income?

I working at home because I am disable, the only way I make money is building a website to earn money and all my money go to the bank, i do not get paystub but cash because it been deposit in the bank, i want to get an credit card but I have bad credit, i will like to know how you build an credit if you cant get an credit card, i want one for orders and things of that nature! Do someone no how ,what bank offer credit without looking in to your credit?

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6 Responses to “How Do You Get An Credit Card With Bad Credit And If You Are Working By Cash Income?”

  1. jbenally says:

    most drug store sell prepaid credit cards for like 19.00 to load em up at first and then 5.00 everytime after. they are called green dot. you can go to there web site and look to see where a local store might be located for you to get one.

  2. zhunt312 says:

    Why dont you try getting a Visa Debit Card from your bank.
    It’s like a Visa card but you only spend what you have in your checking account.
    You need to really build your credit back up so maybe get a secure credit card and work your way up to unsecured.
    Below is a website that can give tips on how to fix your credit. Good Luck

  3. OhGreatW… says:

    Everyone is correct so far about the secured credit card. Since every card company checks your credit you will possibly get turned down for a regular card. Your best bet would be to go to a bank such as US Bank, Bank of American, etc… Any financial institution that does credit cards and ask about their secured credit cards. The one at US Bank is a minimum of 300.00 dollars to start but that is also your credit limit. After about a year or so with good payments many companies will change it to a regular card and refund your money.

  4. OhGreatW… says:

    Orchard Bank does this but it’s SECURED, so you have to pay into it, like a bank and you use your own money. If you have a bank, ask them. I believe they have secured cards.

  5. OhGreatW… says:

    All credit card companies check credit. However you can get a secured credit card, which means you will have to put a deposit for it. The amount you put is your credit limit. Make sure to make the payments on time. After a while of doing this they will give you an unsecured with a higher credit limit. Good luck 2 you I know building credit can be hard.

  6. OhGreatW… says:

    many agencies offer secured credit cards

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