Details of the Credit Repair Process

If you are one of the many whose credit rating has been suffering for the past years up to this holiday season, you can now take action and do the things you need in order to get back on track with a good credit score.  First off, you can get  a free online credit repair guide that explains the details of the theory and requirements behind the process of credit repair.  Here are the steps that you should take:

1.) Ask for a copy of your credit report. It is important that you obtain the free yearly credit report you are eligible to have from every credit reporting agency.

2.) Check your report. Look at every item and make sure you are aware of each one that is listed whether it is good or bad.

3.) List all the items you think are negative or questionable. Remember that you have to dispute the negative ones whether you agree to them or not so you have to take notes. You have the right to legally argue anything in your credit report.

4.) Compose your dispute letters to the credit bureaus. You can find sample letters that you can use as reference while writing.

5.) Send your letter to the credit bureaus through mail. Use certified mail to obtain proof that the bureaus have received them. Bureaus have 30 days to fix disputes. If they cannot accomplish it within a specific time, the item must be removed.

6.) List and track your efforts. Note down when you mailed letters and the results you obtained.

7.) Wait for the bureaus’ investigation of your claims. Take note if the bureau gave a timely response. If not, the listing must be removed.

8.) Check the results. Once the bureau has given you a response, check the adjustments and changes in your credit report.

9.) Repeat. Raise your negative items again but make sure to note the variations in grounds for the dispute compared to the previous time.

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