What Employers Must Know Before a Background Check

An increasing number of employers believe they have to know as much as possible about their staff and prospective employees, thus, it has been common to perform regular background checks. Nowadays, in one way or another, almost all errors an individual commits are documented. This data is now accessible to the employer when performing background checks.

However, there are a few things employers must know before performing a background check.

Select a reliable company when performing a background check. A lot of the online firms do not perform in-detail searches involving local, state and federal criminal databases. To perform a detailed search, employers must also check county records, which will require a Social Security trace.

Some records cannot be used by the employer. It is important to note that employers can take action only when there is a conviction. For instance, a record shows that a prospective employee was arrested for a crime, but there were no filed charges, therefore, the record cannot be used against them because there was no conviction.

Criminal records, specifically convictions, must always be associated with the job description.

Moreover, credit checks must also be associated with the job. Credit checks have become a concern for applicants during hiring. However, there are very strict rules as to when an employer is authorized to perform a credit check and there are reliable background check companies that can help you during the process.

To be able to perform background and credit checks, employers must have permission from the applicant. This can be done by getting the appropriate form from your chosen background check service. Prior to starting the process, employers must offer employment contingent upon passing the background check.

Despite the feelings of invasion of privacy on the part of the applicant, firms must conduct background and credit checks in order to prevent hiring mistakes that will later on cost the firm a huge amount.

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