In an effort to teach students about handling their finances, the Financial Wellness Peer Educators of the University of Illinois conducted a presentation entitled “Staying on Good Terms: Managing Credit and Debit.”
It was a part of a series of presentations that will happen for three consecutive Thursdays from 5:30 to 6:30 PM at the Activities and Recreation Center of the University’s Wellness Center.

Kathryn Sweedler, the program’s coordinator and an educator for consumer economics, says that the aim of the program is to help students to effectively manage their money with a focus on debts and credit cards.
The program consists of 16 peer educators from different majors. But, most of them are interested in finance. For every presentation, two peer educators are assigned to present.

The idea of having peer educators teach the students makes the dialogue easy because their ages are close to each other.

Sweedler said that there are usual misconceptions about debt and credit card that students are unaware of. For example, holders of credit card have the option to fully pay their debt or make minimum payments. But, with the first option, it will take a very long time to pay off.

Sweedler added that it is important to have a balance between the two. Just by paying more will make a big difference in the debt of the credit card owner.

Sweedler hopes that in the long run, students will know how to effectively use their cards and obtain loans. She remarked that it is difficult to have plenty of debt in this unstable economic condition.

The Financial Wellness Center is planning to conduct a similar series during the spring season. But, schedules have not been made yet. The next presentation will be entitled “the Secrets of Credit Reports Unveiled” and will be held at the Wellness Center.

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