Mortgage loans that were obtained between 2005 and 2007 account for almost two-thirds of delinquent balances said Equifax. Although there is a decrease in the number of past due accounts of at least 30 days, those for 60 and 90 days are still continuously increasing.

In 2010, first mortgage loan write offs, installment loans and revolving accounts of home equity totaled to $304.6 billion. According to the analysis of Equifax, the number will keep on rising without any indications on when it will reach its peak. This number is way above the $126.7 billion total of loan write offs in the year 2006 and 2007.

According to the estimates of Equifax, as of May 2011, the total amount of first mortgage in the early stages of foreclosure is at $319.7 billion. This started in the years 2006 and 2007, a not surprising fact since those were the years when subprime lending activity started to rise.

REO properties is a main obstacle to the recovery of the economy, says Equifax. The reason for this is that REO rates stay high while lenders are struggling to get rid of their properties through short sales and auctions.

The completion rate of foreclosure is at 1.45%. This is in the same level as bankruptcies which are at 1.6% at the present time. Equifax says that the same rates indicate that most REO properties are brought about by the bankruptcy proceedings.

Equifax Mortgage Services’ senior vice president and general manager Craig Crabtree says that real estate owned properties and shadow inventory are performing a main role in the current mortgage market and slowing down the road to recovery of the economy.

Even if there are some stabilized lending sectors, there is still a high volume of past due first mortgage loans which has caused a slowing down of the foreclosure process. The mortgage market will keep on impacting the growth of the economy until the foreclosures are processed.

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