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Monthly Car Insurance Payments Can Be Reduced

Thursday, December 10th, 2009

Car insurance is often a costly item in everyone’s budget. While you look forward to your rates dropping as your car gets older, you often find that instead of dropping they continue to climb even higher. There is some good news, particularly for those that pay their car insurance in monthly installments.

The first step is to check on the internet to find quotes for insurance rates; you can compare rates online and doing this can in many cases save you up to 20 percent compared to your current rates. It is easy to get these quotes online, since you can enter the necessary information just once and receive quotes from a number of different insurers at once.

If you pay your car insurance premiums annually, then you will get just one chance to find a better rate each year when your policy is up for renewal. If you make monthly payments instead, it is much easier. You can usually drop your coverage within the policy year as long as you notify your insurance company in advance. Be sure to ask if you will have to pay any sort of fees or penalties, such as a short rate if you cancel before your policy is due for renewal.

Once you tell your insurance company that you have decided to drop your coverage, you will want to make sure that you have the date that you drop your current coverage the same as the date your new policy takes effect. You should look at how much advance notice your insurer requires and notify them by mail, including your name, address and policy number in this notification.

Some people find that they not only can save money but improve the coverage on their policy once they start shopping for rates. While it’s quite tempting to lower deductibles, it’s far better to increase liability limits. If you injure someone in an accident and they sue for more than your liability coverage and win, you pay the difference. That’s a life-changing bill.

You can set up your monthly car insurance payments to be taken directly out of your checking account. With monthly payments, this can actually save you a little bit of money, since many insurers charge you a fee for mailing premium notices to you.

If you already have automatic payments set up, you can still save on your monthly car insurance payments by switching to a different car insurance company. Just contact your insurer and ask them for a cancellation form, if one is needed. This form or a letter informing them of your cancellation should be sent to your insurer along with a note stating that you do not want any payments deducted automatically after your cancellation date. Make a copy of this letter and keep it for your records in case of a dispute or miscommunication.

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Grand Deals At Automotive Auctions

Monday, December 7th, 2009

Do you remember the Flintstones cartoon? One of my favorite episodes involves automotive auctions. What Fred and Barney do not know is that the car they are bidding on is a car a gangster wants to get his hands on because in the trunk there is money from a bank heist the gangster and his henchmen were involved in.

So the gangster sends one of his minions to the automotive auction to bid on the car. He tells him he better out bid everyone else. The minion warns Fred and Barney not to bid on the car. This makes Fred all the more determined to out bid and win the car. During the bid the gangster’s minion is eating a bag of peanuts. In the heat of bidding he chokes on the peanuts and cannot raise his voice to bid on the car. Fred and Barney win the bid and drive off the gangster’s car.

The minion gets Fred’s address from the automotive auction people. In the meantime Fred and Barney are cruising around in this snazzy caveman roadster. They show up at their house where their wives are at first aghast at the new car but then fall in love with the stylish vehicle. Fred and Barney take the car out to the supermarket to buy some groceries for the party they are going to have to celebrate their new car.

By this time the minion has informed the gangster and he and his other henchmen have gone to Fred’s home and have followed him to the market. They start firing on Fred and Barney in the car ahead of them. The caveman pistols are a type of sling shot with a wooden barrel which fires rocks.

Fred and Barney are bombarded with rocks fired from the sling shot guns. We are led to believe that if they get hit by one of the rocks it is like getting hit by a bullet. And who wants to be hit by a rock anyway? The boys are racing to stay ahead of them. They see a large mansion on a hill ahead on the road. They race for it.

But they do not know this is the hide out of the head gangster. Fred and Barney are trapped. The gangsters tie them up and start asking where the money is. The boys have no idea what they are talkiing about. They were simply looking for a good deal at the automotive auction. The gangsters find the money in the trunk to the surprise of Fred and Barney.

The gangsters believe they are telling the truth that they did not know about the money. But because they know too much they have to be disposed of. He loads his gun. All of a sudden the police rush in. They had the car under surveillance at all times. They were trying to trap the gangster and his henchmen. They knew he would try to buy the car from the auction.

Fred and Barney are heroes. They do not end up with the car but they get a small reward for their trouble. Now you will probably not have such an adventure when you go to get a great deal at an automotive auction. All you will get is a good car at a great price.

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Considerations When Looking At Safe Auto Insurance Quotes

Sunday, December 6th, 2009

It is very easy these days to get good safe auto insurance quotes from the auto insurance companies in your area, however things get a little more complicated when one goes to properly examine each quote for the best deal since there are a number of details people must be aware of first.

A lot of people make the mistake of only really going by the price for each quote. This can be very bad as in reality there are a lot more factors that can affect what you will end up paying in the long run.

If it’s time for you to compare auto insurance quotes, here are some things to consider:

The size of payments

One thing to consider when you compare auto insurance quotes is whether you’re being quoted for three months, six months, or a year; a great deal can turn out to be not so good if you read the fine print and realize that your quote is for shorter than the standard six month coverage period.

Another thing worth mentioning here is that it’s possible that a certain payment structure may suit you better in your situation. This may also be a factor you want to look into even if it is only a small one.

An example of this for instance could be if you came across two companies that offer a similar amount of service at a similar price range but one requires you to pay a big deposit upfront where as the other does not. Naturally you may want to go with the company that does not require a big deposit.

Coverage Amounts

Another thing to look at when you compare safe auto insurance quotes is the amount of coverage you’re receiving for the price you pay. For some, price isn’t an object and they want a lot of coverage.

So if you find that a company’s got a great offer and you have money left over in your budget, consider adjusting the coverage you request with that company.

In other cases, you’ll have coverage amounts dictated by whoever’s in charge of your car loan, so make sure that inexpensive insurance gives the coverage you need.

Company Reputation And Stability

You must beware of some particularly low-priced quotes you may come across if the company is unknown to you. In these cases you should do some research to make sure that the company in question is trustworthy and can truly offer you a good service.

Additionally some of the not so good companies may not be all that great when it comes to actually paying up for damages which is why you should find out what other people are saying about each company before you go forward with them.

So be knowledgeable about the insurance company you do choose when you compare safe auto insurance quotes, compare coverage and rating periods, and you should end up with good coverage at a low price.

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Really Cheap Car Insurance Is Available for Everyone

Sunday, December 6th, 2009

That’s right. Many of the individuals who have really cheap car insurance have the exact same policy you do. How is that possible? After all, you’ve been paying out the ying-yang for years, and thought you had a pretty good deal. Could you imagine seeing a friend and they pay half of what you do for the same policy? You would be irate right?

We would be as well, and it really hurts when you know you could have spent that extra money on school clothes for the kids, food on the table, or even other monthly obligations. Today we’re going to help you learn how to get really cheap car insurance.

Doesn’t it make sense, if all things are equal to purchase really cheap car insurance as long as you don’t reap any benefits from a local agent? The scenario is similar to the man that paid too much for his airline ticket, there’s no reason for a higher price except for reluctance to take a minute away from the latest email and secure a quote.

What it comes down to is even the insurance companies have salespeople. Instead of working something out with someone over the phone, you can eliminate this problem all together by simply securing a quote online. Just remember you should still do your research and make sure the insurance company you deal with is reputable. The best way to do this is checking your state’s Department of Insurance.

Make certain that you log in the same details of coverage as you have on your present policy when you look for a better rate. If you want to change the limits of liability or deductible, wait until you do your comparison shopping and then switch the coverage before you buy.

We understand you might be sitting there thinking, “What if I have an accident and they send me a cancellation notice?” Well, unfortunately it won’t matter. You could be with them for 10 years and still get one. However, it definitely doesn’t hurt to go with a company that has a huge claims pool in case something happens.

Some people worry that if they have an accident with a new company, they’ll receive a cancellation notice from the company because they have no history with that company. Longevity won’t help you and it might even be detrimental. Companies count other types of claims besides accidents. No matter how long you’ve been with a company, if you have one year where nothing seemed to go right and required towing several times, then had the accident, you’ll be cancelled for too many claims. New companies don’t have records of your towing claims and don’t ask for them.

Once you find how easy it is to buy really cheap auto insurance, you’ll want to compare rates more frequently, but normally every two years is enough. You don’t have to wait for your next premium to find out if you’re paying too much. Find a site and put in your information, you’ll be amazed at how much money you can save.

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A Minute for Car Insurance Rate Quotes Saves Thousands Over Your Lifetime

Sunday, November 22nd, 2009

You don’t have to be a penny pincher to recognize the benefit of securing car insurance rate quotes every few years. Just like paying more for a plane ticket than the guy sitting next to you in the plane, paying too much for car insurance leaves you feeling like a fool waiting to get his pockets picked. As long as you have a reputable company, the price difference comes from the company’s experience with claims, not your driving habits.

There are a number of different factors which insurance companies use to determine their rates. These include their history of claims paid on a particular type of coverage, their success with investing funds from premiums. You should not have to pay for poor decisions or inefficiency on the company’s part in the form of higher rates. These factors are among the reasons that car insurance rate quotes differ so much between insurance companies.

Even if an insurance company seems to offer a favorable base rate, remember that this does not always mean that your rates would be the lowest. Factors such as age, location and the kind of vehicle you drive can make this cost significantly higher depending on the company’s history with insuring these groups. For this reason, you should always check the premiums instead of going on the recommendations of friends, relatives and colleagues.

Car insurance rate quotes are so easy to obtain that there’s no reason why you wouldn’t take a minute to do it. Many of the websites offer multiple quotes when you input your information one time. Some of the companies they offer are well known and you may never have heard of others. That doesn’t mean they’re bad, it simply may mean they don’t advertise, another costly item for insurance companies budgets.

If you want to check out the financial strength of a company, look for their rating. Companies with an A or better rating are the strongest financially, but that shouldn’t deter you from selecting a high B rated company. Steer clear of the lower rated companies that fall below a C rating. You may be throwing your money away if you buy from them.

You should be cautious about the quotes you receive since they may not reflect all of the costs of the policy. Look at the deductibles which have been used to calculate the quote as well as the liability limits to determine whether this quote genuinely reflects a good deal.

In order to be certain that the rate you are quoted is what you will actually pay, you should apply for coverage one to two months before your current policy expires. Simply ask for the new policy to begin once the current one ends – if your premiums are higher than the quote, then you can simply cancel and renew your existing insurance policy.

You do not have to pay more than you need to for car insurance thanks to online resources which allow you to gather multiple car insurance rate quotes and compare prices. If you are offered the same coverage from two different insurers, it makes no sense to pay more.

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A Car Insurance Quote Comparison Can Help You Save On Your Premiums

Monday, November 16th, 2009

In nearly every state in the US, carrying car insurance is mandatory; and even where it is not required by law, it is a very good idea to do so, to say the least. The protection that insurance coverage provides you with is invaluable – but you could save money on your coverage by using a car insurance quote comparison.

Almost all of us are paying too much for our car insurance. When you comparison shop by getting quotes from different insurers, you can nearly always find a lower rate; and you can get even more discounts on your premiums in many cases by asking insurers what discounts you may be eligible for.

Here’s how to use car insurance quote comparison:

Firstly, you have to make sure your initial quotes are already good to begin with. To achieve that,

1. Know your discounts. Good-paying customers get rewards. Part-time drivers are issued discounts. Federal and military drivers are entitled to discounts. Disabled people, senior citizens or those affiliated with certain groups get discounts. Knowing which of these discounts apply to you helps you weed out agents and sellers who excessively overprice.

2. Drive a car which is economical and practical; a new sports car, for instance, tends to cost a lot more to insure than an economy class car. If you are in the market for a new car, this is something to keep in mind.

3. Having safety features like anti-lock brakes, airbags and the like will usually make you eligible for a discount. If your insurer doesn’t mention this discount, ask them if it is available – they may not advertise this discount, but almost every insurance company has this if you ask.

4. Be a good, responsible citizen behind the wheel. Drive your car only when you must; you get discounts for low mileage. Learn some defensive driving skills and stay accident-free; you get a safe driver discount if you’ve got safe driving class credits or stay accident free for at least three years. Finally, loyalty pays off; you get a longevity discount for staying with the same provider for at least three years.

After looking into how you may be able to get lower rates from your current insurance company, do a car insurance quote comparison to see how other companies stack up. You can get quotes for bundled policies as well – packages of insurance coverage which include car and homeowner’s insurance all in one. The majority of insurance companies provide this option; if you choose to purchase home and car insurance from the same company, you will often receive discounts of as high as 25%.

Running a car insurance quote comparison for different companies can help you to get the best possible rate. Once you have narrowed down the field to the three you like best, contact them for a quote by phone or in person, asking them if they can match or beat the quotes provided by their competitors.

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Poor Credit Auto Loans and More

Monday, November 9th, 2009

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