Is It Legal to Repair Bad Credit

With so much information available online regarding credit repair, you might begin to wonder if credit repair is possible or, for that matter, legal. In short, yes, you have the right to repair your credit and the U.S. government has even enacted laws which give you this right.

Credit Bureaus and Creditors Want You to Have Bad Credit

In the credit world, creditors and credit bureaus would like you to think that credit reporting is infallible and unchangeable. In reality, it is in their interest only for you to believe this.

If you remove the ability to collect or report debts from creditors and credit bureaus, their job security is challenged. If you go on a crusade to clean up your credit report, they lose. This is why there is so much confusion online as to the legality of credit repair.

A lending agency will never alert you to the fact that you have legal rights regarding your credit report. The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) was enacted to give you credit repair rights and allows you to dispute any negative information listed on your credit report.

Under the FCRA, when creditors and credit bureaus receive a dispute, they have 30 days to investigate the claim. Once the investigation is complete, they must report the outcome to you. Any negative entry that is not verified, must be deleted in its entirety. By following this procedure, which is also your right, you can attempt to rebuild your credit score.

Why Live With Bad Credit When You Can Raise Your Credit Score?

The FCRA protects your right to challenge any negative entry on your credit report which, if not erased, will remain on your credit report for up to 7 years. If rebuilding your credit is something you would like to try, partnering with a legal professional would be a good idea. Consider contacting a credit attorney at Lexington Law for some guidance as you begin your credit repair journey.

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How Do People End Up In Bad Credit?

With credit so easily obtained it is no surprise that most of us are in debt. The ability to charge your purchases and pay for them later has all but ruined this country. There is no need to save for the things you want; you simply charge it to one of your many credit cards.

The top reason for bankruptcy is credit card debt. The interest rates on some cards are beyond belief. The low monthly payments will never allow you to pay the debt off with such high interest rates attached.

Your credit rating suffers the most due to the debt to income ratio. Your debt to income ratio is a disaster with high credit card balances showing on your credit report. It will appear as if you cannot afford any new loans, this hurts if you are trying to buy a home. The payments on the accounts may be low but those high balances show you spend more than you earn. Credit ratings suffer when it shows you have over extended yourself with debt. You become trapped with the debt with no easy way to get rid of it.

Just by paying the minimum payment required you will never see a reduction in your debt. The options you have are few. You may have never missed a payment and always pay on time but in reality your credit rating is still being damaged by the large balances that you owe. Your debt to income ratio is a large portion of what makes up your credit score.

Debt consolidation services are an option that many people look at for help. The services bring promises of debt elimination and repaired credit ratings as well as peace of mind.

Your high interest debt will be the first priority. Your number one goal is to remove all high interest debt first so that you can start paying off your actual debt.

You may be offered a debt consolidation loan at a lower interest rate to combine all your high interest rate debts in to one low interest payment. This type of loan will allow you to start paying the debt down. If you continued to pay the loans as you had been there would be no way to ever reduce them let alone pay them off. The debt consolidation loan allows you to see the debt decrease with each payment, making your goal so much easier to obtain.

Your goal becomes reachable as you begin to notice the debt decrease. One strategy for eliminating the debt faster is to make extra payments. By making a bi-weekly payment instead of a monthly one you are able to make two extra payments a year without any affects to your budget. This strategy reduces the length of the loan as well as the amount of interest you pay. The purpose of the debt consolidation loan is to get you back on track, allow you to see the light at the end of the tunnel and to allow you to breathe easy once again with the debt removed from your shoulders.

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Secured And Check Card Differences

There are a lot of different sorts of credit cards. Some offer rewards, others offer low rates, others are superb for balance transfers, and some visa cards are even secured against your own funds to help you build credit. Some are just check cards that permit you protection in buying, but aren’t truly like using credit.

There is a difference between a Secured Visa card and a Bank Secured card or Check Card. The 1st is what I’ve noted above and will help you build up credit. The bank secured check cards , however , are just a way to spend money that you have in your checking account without writing a check. These aren’t reported to credit firms. You do not pay interest on them and you do not have to pay them back. It is just a handy method to spend your own money. Don’t get confused when trying to build credit. A check card, although suitable to have, will not help you build credit.

Secured Credit Cards are a good choice for people with no credit or bad credit. Many folks get frustrated when they get licensed for a card like this because it’s when they are truly looking to borrow money and these cards don’t precisely work that way. You actually have to put up your own money first and then when you charge things, it goes against the money that’s's in your account already. You still need to make payments and pay interest on balances, so you are always keeping a specified amount of money in your account.

So, they are not sometimes what folks are searching for when they wish to have a credit card, but if that’s's all you can get approved for, it really is a smart idea to take it. It’s a good way to help build credit and show other credit card companies that you are a good risk. You are showing your capability to borrow cash and repay it timely. You don’t want to charge the entire thing up because that can appear reckless. It’s best to just borrow small amounts. Try and keep your balance less than 50% of your limit.

A secured credit card actually is a good way to build credit. Just be smart with it. Don’t charge all of it up. Make your payments on time. Play by the rules for roughly six months or so and attempt to sign up for another credit card. At that point, your credit history should reflect some good payment history and companies will start to have a look at you as a good risk and start loaning you their money little bits at a time. Just keep being smart with what they give you and making timely payments and you are going to be able to get your limits increased after a while too.

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Tips for Becoming Debt Free Without Giving Up Your Life

Becoming debt free is a journey that can takes months or even years. It will be a relief and you’ll be able to live with a lot less stress when you finally accomplish it. If you become totally debt free you’ll be ahead of a lot of other people who will never get their feelings of elation. Here are some tips on how to experience financial freedom while still living life to the fullest.

Focus on your purpose and keep it in mind constantly. It might be overbearing to think of all the money that you need to pay off. Your financial plan will probably have to be worked over a large chunk of time and you may question if it’s even worth it. You need to mark your achievements so you can see that you are getting closer. You can also focus on little items that you can accomplish that will work towards the big picture.

Keep your eye on the prize. You may want to create a desktop wallpaper or physical bulletin board to help you track your progress. This might mean that you put a graph of how much you’ve achieved each month on the refrigerator. This will help you celebrate your small accomplishments while focusing on where you are going.

Find something other than spending to focus on. You’ll have to make a lot of changes when you are becoming debt free. Spend all of your new spare time volunteering or exploring and inexpensive activity so you can serve your community. Use your time to be productive instead of just wasting money.

You’ll need to sensible when planning out your expenses. If the money is so tight that you can’t even live then you won’t stick with the program. Give yourself a little leeway instead of just stopping all social activities and dinners with friends until you are debt free. Plan for a little spending cash so you can still have fun. You should also allocate funds for the basic minimum of cosmetics and clothes and then turn it into a game by finding highly discounted items or changing where and how you shop.

Find a support group; this could be an online forum or your spouse. You may even want to start a blog that will help you track your journey to becoming debt free that can rack you in a little extra cash. This will help you when you are feeling weak and give you the opportunity to inspire other people.

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Christian Debt Counseling Provides Better Debt Settlement

If there is one thing that we must avoid in life,with everything we have, it would be debt. It is wise to never get yourself in that position with credit cards and other financial services companies no matter what the amount is. The reason for this is that just about every form of debt comes with interest. And mind you, interest does not sleep or take a break. It does not go hungry, does not have a family to feed and all it does is accumulate and gain and gain.

For this reason, people are not getting whatever help they could in managing debts. There are more people nowadays who are getting into trouble because of debts and because of the difficulty of paying for these debts. They need something, perhaps a financial institutions or the like to help them manage and fix their money matters like faster debt settlement.

Luckily, there are Christian debt counseling institutions that offers solutions to people’s debts problems. At the same time it also helps them recover from losses that were incurred by these high interests of their debts.

One of the things that this Christian debt counseling offers is their debt settlement. What they do with this is they can manage a legal communication between the debtor and the creditor, giving an arrangement that will do both parties good or in other words, a win-win situation. To make it clear, the company will negotiate with the creditor in behalf of the debtor.

Christian debt counseling is designed to help those who are really having a hard time with their finances and are considering filing a bankruptcy case or status. It has a very effective program that it even will help you save up to 70% of your outstanding debt.

The best thing about Christian debt counseling is that it can cut a debtor of up to 50-70% of his or her outstanding debts. This is why it is very important that you seek out a good debt settlement program such as this if you happen to be one of the people who are in a serious financial problem. Speaking with a good company’s expert debt councilors will ensure that you get the best advice on how to deal with your debt before making a major decision.

These Christian debt counseling companies also offer other services not just counseling for your debt, but also they watch over your welfare, such as taking care of your creditors harassing phone calls and pressuring you in paying up of your current debts with their company. The company can find a way to stop this, and give the peace of mind to think about your current financial problem.

So if you happen to be one in a serious financial status you can go to a good Christian debt counseling company and consult them with your problem.

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