Increases in Consumer Spending May Point to Better Economy

Increase in US Consumer Spending

Consumer borrowing in the United States had its highest increase in three years during the month of July. At the top of the list is the rise in non-revolving credit which consists of student loans.

According to the Federal Reserve, the increase in credit amounts to $12 billion after an amended rise of $11.3 billion in the month of June. In a Bloomberg news survey, economists predict a gain of $6 billion. The growth in the number of non-revolving loans was the highest since the month of November back in 2001.

There is a huge decline in revolving credit. This shows that Americans may not be purchasing non-essential materials because of the lack of consumer confidence as the rate of employment stays low and income growth continuously declines. Increase in job availability and income may be needed to push household spending as well as recovery.

The gain in July was the highest since April of 2008 according to the figures of the Fed. The approximation of 32 economists in the Bloomberg survey stated that the gains will be at $1 billion to $17 billion after reporting a previous increase to $15.5 billion in June. The report of the Fed does not include debts taken by real estate which comprise of lines of credit for residential mortgages and home equity.

Economic Outlook
Chief Rupkey, Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Ltd.’s chief financial economist said that the consumer is trapped in the middle of a hard position which is not beneficial for the economic outlook. The total credit increase showed a non-seasonally adjusted rise of to $385.7 billion from $15.6 billion in the borrowing category of the federal government including school loans. The unadjusted figures also reflected minimal increases in non-revolving borrowing at finance companies, commercial banks and credit unions which may show an improvement in vehicle sales in this month.

Americans increased car purchasing in July. The sales in vehicles rose to 12.2 million yearly for that month from 11.41 million according to the data of the industry.

In the economic survey of the Fed’s Beige Book, the economy is growing at a slower pace in several regions because shoppers are limiting their spending and factories are restricting production.

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Obtaining a Mortgage with Bad Credit

Obtaining a mortgage with bad credit

Obtaining a mortgage with bad credit these days is almost impossible. Because of the poor economy, and the problems the United States experienced during the credit crunch and the housing bubble bursting, banks and lending institutions are wary of lending money to anyone that has less than stellar credit.

If you have bad credit, and are wanting to get a mortgage to buy a house, one of the first things you should condider doing is getting your credit report. Once a year you can get your credit report for free from

When you have this, you can find out what is causing your credit to be bad. There may also

be mistakes on the credit report and you can get t hem fixed. By doing this, you can effectively raise your credit score.

A few things you want to do is pay off your debt. Right now, lending institutions are lending for people that have a low debt to income ratio. That means that you have to be making more than you are spending monthly.

Take a look at your spending habits and see if you are able to have enough left over to pay a mortgage payment, and have some left over.

In general, you should be planning on spending no more than 25-30% of your monthly income on a mortgage.

If you can’t do that, you may want to reconsider trying for a mortgage loan.

One of the things I like to suggest to people is to work on improving your credit score and save money at the same time. If you do this, you will have good credit when you buy your home, and will have the money saved.

Expect to have 20-25% of the purchase price of the home ready to make a down payment.

Also note that the better your credit score is, the lower interest rate you will qualify fo

r on the mortgage. This can save you hundreds of dollars monthly. Small changes to the interest make huge impact on the paymnets.

Ask yourself this…. do you really want to add more debt to your burded if you have bad credit? Why are you looking for very bad credit loans?

Ask youself how and why you got in this position in the first place. If you have made changes and made adjustments to your life style then good for you!

But remember, part of the credit reporting system is that your report is a snapshot in time. It is always moving and changing. And, part of the reason things tend to stay on a report for years is it takes time to change.

You want to show that you have sustained change to financial institutions.

So, before going out to see about obtaining a mortgage with bad credit, think about whether or not it really makes sense.

Here is a chart showing some things that are looked at when considering credit score and your ability to obtain a mortgage with bad credit.

Factors contributing to someone's credit score...

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Mortgage loans for people with bad credit

Military loans for people with bad credit

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Loan Option for Poor Credit Standing

Getting a bad credit loan is one of the options of people who cannot obtain a personal loan in their times of need. A poor credit history is the main reason why people cannot take out a traditional loan. Banks and other traditional lenders do not want to run the risk of approving a loan for borrowers with a history of poor payments. With a bad credit history, an application for cash advance will be denied.

When one seeks a loan from a bank, collateral is usually required. This can be in the form of any valuable and tangible asset that can replace the value of the loan once it is unpaid. But, money advance is one of the types of loan that do not need collateral. The application is easy and the approval is quick. A money advance loan is deposited in the same day the loan is approved.

In the application process, there are certain requirements for the applicant to be eligible. The applicant must be at least 18 years of age and a legal citizen. Also, the applicant must show residency for at least three months in the city or state where the application was submitted. An existing checking account that has been valid for at least three months is also needed. There are other lenders that will request the loan to be paid using an automatic checking account withdrawal on specified dates. Any late payments may incur charges to be added to the principle loan amount.

Bad credit loan is an alternative for people with poor credit standing. This is especially helpful in emergency situations such as car repair, job loss and medical expenses. The main advantage of this type of loan is that it does not consider the credit score as a factor. Moreover, it does not require any form of collateral. Finally, it is a loan that can be easily applied for and can be quickly approved.



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Obtaining a Bad Credit Auto Loan

You can get the car that you have always dreamed of by getting a car loan from any bank. However, this is only possible if you have a good credit rating. Obtaining a car loan with bad credit can be difficult but it is not impossible.

There are many lenders who can give a car loan for individuals with bad credit rating. The important thing is to determine one’s credit score before applying for a loan. Credit scores range from 350 to 850. A score below 580 is considered poor. While the score decreases, the chances of obtaining a loan decrease. Thus, if you plan to take a loan, you have to know your current credit score to be able to determine the probability of getting an approval.

Aside from knowing your score, it is also important to know the amount of down payment you can make to get a loan approval. Paying an initial amount reduces the loan’s interest rate. Oftentimes, the amount of down payment is dependent on your credit score. The average percentage is usually 20% to 50% of the total loan amount.

There are other preparations that can be done before getting a bad credit auto loan. These include reviewing your credit report annually to be able to clean up your credit standing the soonest possible time. Another is to make timely payments of bills. The most important is to obtain a good credit standing. All these will impact the interest rates of an auto loan by significantly reducing it.

There is no assurance for approval when getting a bad credit auto loan. If you are rejected, do not worry. You can always look for other lenders that can give you a loan despite your credit standing. Lenders for people with bad credit standing can be found online. They can even give low down payment and low interest rates for auto loans despite the poor credit standing.

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Bad Credit Loan : Can I Get a Loan if I have Bad Credit?

A bad credit loan is a type of loan accorded to a borrower with poor credit standing. The reason for obtaining a bad credit history is usually a default in the loans of the individual. Most creditors do not approve loans made by people with poor credit because of the high possibility of default. However, if creditors have to lend money to these people, the interest rate charges are usually high.

Bad credit loans are of two types, secured and unsecured. Secured bad credit loan is the type of loan with collateral like a house or any other asset owned by the borrower. On the other hand, unsecured bad credit loan does not have any tangible collateral that is why it is not easily granted.

Obtaining an unsecured loan can be the only way to obtain a loan for people with bad credit standing. However, getting this type of loan can be a disadvantage. The drawback of getting a bad credit loan must be considered before applying for an unsecured credit loan. High interest rate that can aggravate the existing financial challenges of the borrower is the primary disadvantage of an unsecured credit loan. The average rate of interest for bad credit loans is 15 points higher than the premium loan value.

Another disadvantage of obtaining a bad credit loan is that the borrower can get trapped to a cycle of loans. Many people who get a high interest loan end up having difficulties paying for it that they tend to apply for another one. This cycle goes on and on until the loans and interest rate charges pile up and become difficult to pay.

In order to avoid getting a bad credit loan, explore some possible alternatives to borrow money. Friends and family members can help without the interest charges. Organizing one’s expenses to avoid unnecessary expenses may also become necessary. Of course, saving money must be on the top list of things to do in order to prevent loaning.

Bad credit loans can be avoided if a good credit standing is maintained. However, if there is no other choice left, it is best to look for the best loan from the many available loans provided by lenders. Look for lower interest rates and make a bigger down payment if possible to lighten the payment terms.

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