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The Toyota Vitz Winning Over Pakistan’s Car Buyers

Saturday, November 7th, 2009

The respite in import related taxes in Pakistan a number of years back resulted in a vast growth in the range of international automobiles obtainable in the local auto industry. Different automobiles caught car enthusiast’s attention and soon became tremendously valuable in the following years. One of the most profitable makes, which still continues to play a prominent part in the hatchback segment, is the considerably sought-after Toyota Vitz. In spite of being significantly more costly versus the Suzuki Cultus or Khyber, these automobiles sold like hotcakes, providing individuals crucial options like significant gasoline saving.

Before the Vitz, the automotive business in Pakistan had almost no superb quality hatchbacks other than the moderately priced, but deficient-in-features Suzuki Swift or the Khyber as it was recognized afterward. The Vitz took the Pakistani drivers by storm with its wide variety of options and advanced comfort. A highly large vehicle for its category, the Vitz was roughly twenty five to thirty percent more costly than a similar Khyber and its spare accessories were at first quite exorbitant and arduous to buy. It however had intriguing fuel conserving capabilities, especially bearing in mind that it was an automatic vehicle.

Poles apart from the Khyber, the Vitz was manufactured for the more class conscious and wealthy vehicle buyer. A perfect alternative for a second car, individuals with lots of free money selected the Vitz as a spare vehicle to perform household duties like picking up children from school. For status conscious customers, it was no longer decent to settle for a Suzuki when they could be riding a Japanese made Vitz even if it was reconditioned. Automotive dealers all over Pakistan began selling the Toyota Vitz with a broad assortment in production year, value and many different options.

The inner space of the Vitz was seriously advanced for a hatchback in Pakistan. The digital speedometer was fit totally inside the control panel over the steering wheel and supplied a three dimensional feel. In terms of safety the Vitz had a reasonable number of airbags, greater than any other automobile in its class and contained a rear camera to check backspace while reversing or parking the automobile. The air conditioning ran extremely well even on sizzling days and the front seats are outstandingly relaxing with thorough back support. The vehicle was purchasable in both three and four door variations and the rear had sufficient room to fit couple of luggage items.

A higher majority of the Toyota Vitz automobiles came fitted with 1000cc engines with a small number of 1300cc variations in inadequate supply. The Vitz had an extremely satisfactory ride and the braking mechanism was almost the same to brands like the Honda City. A substantial number of Vitz vehicles have been switched to Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) with little decline in power. Its broader, low-lying shell promises a steady ride that operates sudden turns considerably precisely. The resale rates of these automobiles has also stabilized somewhat with an flood of fresher, more high-priced models further widening the requirement for these recently acknowledged vehicles.

An excellent automobile for consumers with spare money, the Vitz is probably the greatest selection easily attainable in the Pakistani hatchback industry in terms of class and leisure. I have quite a few associates who have the Vitz and till now no issues.

The Toyota Vitz has rapidly attained respect with consumers in Pakistan by providing reliability and fantastic quality in the hatchback auto industry.

Suzuki Mehran Dominates Pakistan’s Coupe Market

Saturday, November 7th, 2009

One of the prevalent vehicle companies on the planet, Suzuki has a significant number of economical models for individuals with tight funds. They are efficient on gasoline and quite low on running expenditure with automobiles obtainable with factory fixed Compressed Natural Gas choices, adding to the expense saving advantages of Suzuki brands. The established makes in the lower end passenger type include the Khyber, Mehran, Cultus and Alto.

Suzuki at this time has one of the most progressive car production sites in South Asia. It established its regional operations in 1984 and exports automobiles to countries like Maldives and Bangladesh. Suzuki also makes commercial vehicles and it is considerably ordinary to spot heaps of pickups parked at transportation centers in key areas in Pakistan, providing their services to short term individuals to cart light construction and other loads.

The Mehran is an excellent vehicle with a coupe structure and a sensible quality exterior and interior design. It has a secure feel and splendid maneuvering, with an 800cc engine power. The Mehran is obtainable with an air conditioner and is a grand cash saver both in terms of cost and superb gasoline reduction. The rear cargo room is satisfactory even though smaller sized than several different similar brands in the same kind.

An excellent vehicle for riding on chock-full city roads, the Mehran can swish in an out of crowded areas and fit without difficulty in the tiniest of rare parking areas. This is one of the most noteworthy plus points of riding a coupe in busy locations especially bearing in mind that the Mehran is extensively cheaper than other auto producers promoting models in the same kind.

A regular hitch with the Suzuki Mehran is that trims are regularly not tightly attached and with constant traveling there is a growth in clattering noises. Take heed when fixing sound equipment or any accessory that demands removal of things like the dash or back seat and be certain objects are correctly fastened on refastening. Moreover drive watchfully over ditches and irregular streets to forestall these mishaps.

Despite trivial quality difficulties the Suzuki Mehran does not feign to be anything save an inexpensive vehicle, with acceptable up-keep. With low-priced and brand new and reconditioned parts and accessories that are attainable without problems the Mehran is truthfully a perfect vehicle for automobile buyers on a tough budget.

The Suzuki Mehran is a great automobile for salaried individuals in the market for reasonably priced conveyance.

The Vast Range Of Corolla Cars

Friday, November 6th, 2009

The biggest selling automobile on the globe, the Toyota Corolla, has quite a few models in Pakistan with unique offerings to provide for a broad range of budgets. The Corolla is mainly acknowledged for Toyota’s accomplishment as the top automobile maker and after its debut in 1966, the Corolla has sold in bigger numbers than any other car, with somewhere near thirty five million units sold a few years ago. The Corolla has possessed enormous allegiance for countless decades and in spite of its unimpressive shape in contrast to a multitude of other vehicles by different companies, automobile buyers who acquire a Corolla barely ever switch over to any other automobile.

Some of the most important reasons for its achievement include superb fuel efficiency, dependability and a significant resale price. The 2009 Corolla has been altered extensively in appearance and with a huge amount of rear leg area and a somewhat wider trunk than prior models, the Toyota Corolla is a genuine family vehicle that can undoubtedly contain bags for many individuals. There are four main models including the Corolla GLi, Altis, XLi and 2.0D, the latter being a diesel version of the automobile.

Potential customers can buy the Corolla Altis in a speedtronic or manual transmission while the XLi and GLi are merely attainable in five-speed manual shift transmission. The appealing options of a sunroof, smooth wood finish interior and keyless entry are purchasable in both the speedtronic or manual variations of the Altis unlike the XLi and GLi. The Corolla GLi like the Altis does however, contain back seat armrests with coffee holders and power windows.

There are a large range of differences in engine efficiency and safety between the Altis and the XLi and GLi. The Altis has an EFI engine with VVTI and size of nearly 1800cc, whereas the GLi and XLi are offered with a 1299cc engine utilizing related engineering. The Altis moreover has seat belts using Pretensioner and Force Limiter on the passenger side as well and a more progressive fuel cut procedure. For prospective customers specifically concerned with the automobile exterior the Altis has a high mount stop-light and side protection molding which is supplied in the body color. The XLi is not sold with ABS or Electronic Brake Force Distribution a substantially worthwhile attribute attainable in the other models.

The Corolla 2.0D is accessible in three types with the Saloon being reasonably comparable to the GLi and the sunroof model comparable to the Altis. The 2.0D has the clear benefit of a diesel engine, but with compressed gas conversions so conveniently accessible, it is no more a chief aspect in finalizing which automobile to purchase.

In terms of the range of models, the Toyota Corolla has a much broader line-up than the Honda Civic, which is restricted to two to three models with minute variations. The Xli however is more directly linked with the Honda City with the Altis being on the whole comparable to the Civic. Toyota has been smart to make available so many types as it empowers potential buyers to decide on a model that matches their requirements completely.

Toyota’s Corolla XLi is an economical and superior quality brand for consumers with less cash.

The Importance Of Purchasing A Car

Thursday, November 5th, 2009

Different people have different priorities while purchasing a new car. Some choose to buy a stylish and flashy looking car, while others go in for a practical and roomy sedan. The cost, fuel efficiency and comfort are other factors that play a role in decision-making. But how many people think about the insurance costs? Not many realize that the premium amount for car insurance is calculated based on the type of car.

When you spent time discussing with your insurance advisor regarding the computation of the cost of your car insurance, you become aware of the fact that your car plays as much of an important role as your past driving record in deciding your insurance premiums. Insurance companies are wary of settling claims, and there exists a category of cars that is classified as invitation to trouble! You may be a world-class expert driver, but if you are driving a highly risky car, lower premium car insurance is as difficult to obtain, as it is to procure the front row tickets of a popular concert.

The car market deals with different types of cars like big cars, small cars, sports cars, luxurious cars, etc. For those, who cannot afford to buy a new car can go for used cars. This on-line platform will provide you a complete database of car dealers who are willing to buy and sell cars. Browse through the extensively researched categories of cars and get the most updated information related to cars.

The Highway Loss Data Institute is an organization that conducts scientific studies on human and economic losses, resulting from the ownership and operation of different types of vehicles. Insurance agents get valuable inputs from this organization, which helps them to decide which vehicle make and model fall in the high-risk category. You too can make use of these statistics and take a prudent decision. The important point to remember is that, lesser the losses due to an accident, the lesser will be the insurance premium.

Most car companies will claim, for example, that they make the best small family car that offers space and reliability in one neat package. Some have even taken up the challenge of trying to produce the most economical family car to help motorists reduce their costs.

Security devices such as car alarms and GPS tracking systems can also contribute to lower cost of car insurance. The reason for this is that because your car insurance company has to foot the bill, if your car goes missing as a result of car theft and/or your car is vandalized, taking precautions in that direction will definitely award you bonus points with your insurer coupled with the lower insurance premiums that are associated with it!

With the need to save money increasing daily, many motorists need to look into whether they are prepared to pay for a new car, or settle for a used car. And of course there’s the question of arranging a car loan and finding good car insurance.

Graham McKenzie is the content syndication coordinator for, a leading South African Car Insurance portal.

Buying Direct Car Insurance

Thursday, November 5th, 2009

There are two options for buying car insurance. One is going through insurance middlemen and independent agents to buy the insurance. The Direct Car Insurance option is the other one in which we buy insurance directly from an authorized insurance company. This can be illustrated with an example. When you have pain in your joints and fell sick, you have two options. You can either approach a general practitioner or you can proceed directly to an orthopedic specialist. In the first case, he just has an idea about your actual condition and recommends some medicines which make you relieved from pain. But he cannot treat it accurately. But in the second case, as the doctor is a specialist in the human bones related illness, he may examine thoroughly and diagnose the exact nature of sickness. His medicines and exercises will effect more. And that will be the correct choice too.

It?s a similar situation when you choose a direct car insurance policy rather than an indirect car insurance policy. You could argue that it?s easier to get multiple quotes and broader policy information from multiple indirect sources because there are a number of them on the market. These indirect insurers could also offer a wider variety of services to set themselves apart from their competitors in a crowded market.

But, what happens with the cost? The middlemen and independent agents will never do free service for us. Always there will be some hidden benefits for them. They charge you without your knowledge. The larger independent car insurance companies have higher hidden costs. Sometimes the indirect car insurance agency offer extended legal liability to family members.

Now, instead of approaching an indirect agency, if you go for a direct car insurance company, the things will become clearer. Here, you will directly be in touch with the car insurance providers. These large companies have various facilities and services like emergency pick up vehicles, tie ups with official car service centres, legal advisors etc. They don?t have to outsource their services to other car insurance agencies.

And here, what is the status of cost? Absolutely zero hidden cost is there with the direct car insurance agency. Here you not only save money but get some very good facilities too.

Another great advantage over the direct car insurance policy is the instalment mode of payment. And here you get some covers in addition to your standard cover. If you insure more than one car with these agencies, they offer you a better premium. This helps in reducing cost to a greater level. It is always better to be associated with a single direct car insurance agency. Sometimes, you may get free extended territorial cover and these would be specific to the district of residence of course.

So before you go to an insurance agent or other middleman for help, paying extra fees for no reason, stop for a moment. Take a little time to think about whether you really need that middleman or not. Chances are, you can probably do without, and save a bundle in the bargain.

Graham McKenzie is the content syndication coordinator for, a leading South African car and vechile portal.

Making Sense Of Complicated Car Insurance

Thursday, November 5th, 2009

There are a couple of various kinds of basic caravan insurance quotes to choose from, depending on what caravan driver need to protect and what he can afford. Where should you start?

First everybody should ask himself if he get enough protection in case of a auto accident occurring. In most states the general minibus insurance contract includes property damage liability and bodily injury protection insurance for caravan owner. There are limits linked with van liability insurance coverage and it is always advised by the minibus insurance agencies that you protect yourself to the maximum by buying the most high limits that you may carry. Liability option covers others that you cause damage. It does not usually cover motorist, passengers or motor vehicle in any way. Property damage liability protect you if your caravan destroy someone else property. Usually it is their van, but it can be a guardrail, a garage or any other property damaged in road accident. It is a nice idea to purchase enough of this minibus insurance to cover the amount of damage your caravan might do to another driver.

Personal Injury Liability Option in Minibus Insurance Industry: Bodily injury liability option is demanded in many states but some no-fault state like Florida or Minnesota do not demand it. Whether it is required by state or not it is advised to purchase this part and again with the highest level you can afford. Bodily injury policy covers another driver bodily injuries or death for which you are at-fault. Filling minibus insurance claims for bodily injury may be for such things as health care bills, loss of occupation or pain and suffering. In the case of a serious crush, you wish enough insurance to cover a pretension against you in a lawsuit. So it is a winning idea (and often an agency demand) to buy the same amount of coverage for each of your motors.

As we said there are exceptions to all state requiring bodily injury liability option. For instance in Kentucky or in New Hampshire drivers do not must carry this coverage per state laws, unless they fault into a vehicle accident with injuries. Then if they did have it, bodily injury liability would do coverage if he was at fault in an automobile accident and the motorist in the other device obtain injuries is over the personal injury coverage. Bodily injury liability insure damages to people only and if you want purchase budget van insurance price for additional protection, you need to go to ins company in your region. If he did not have this coverage the other party has the opportunity to claim and the department may put a material responsibility on his driving report, which he would must carry for three years. That commercial responsibility is named an SR22, or high risk caravan insurance policy for convicted drivers. So even in a state such as Michigan where such part of policy is not compulsory it is advised to have it in case of making an accident with victims than to not and leave you and your assets at risk plus being required to have a SR-22 assurance.

Personal Damage Quote for Uninsured and Underinsured Drivers: Uninsured motorist bodily injury (UMBI) is another coverage you may have to consider. Uninsured people quote covers you if another people was at-fault and you were suffered and they were not insured. UMBI protect you and your passengers for bodily injuries, damages, or mortgage caused by an at-fault uninsured rider. If you are involved in van accident where the other driver is at fault but has no paper, your saving minibus insurance protection will cover your healthcare expenses up to the amount on your contract with insurer.

There is also underinsured motorist bodily injury (UNDUM) which covers you and you?re loved for injuries, caravan damages or mortgage caused by the negligence of a driver with low insurance. If you involved into a lane accident with a driver whose protection cannot meet your damages, your van insurance coverage will meet the difference up to the max limit of accepted liability.

Now that you have a basic grasp of some of the major kinds of car insurance you need to have, you should be able to shop for insurance with less worry. Knowing a little will help a lot in figuring out what policy is right for you. If you need to know more still, you can talk to an insurance company representative for help.

Susan Reynolds is the webmaster for a leading South African Insurance Provider who specialises in Car Insurance Options.

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