Scammers Use Aggression to Scare Consumers

On the beginning of the year, the Federal Trade Commission was able to bust a scam in the payday loaning industry that involved Indians calling and harassing customers at home and at work to pay debts that they do not even owe. The operations were closed and the estimated damages of the scam amounted up to $5 million dollars.

The callers threatened to have the individual arrested if they do not pay their due loans; they even call their friends and relatives. One of the viewers of CBS4 has received one of these harassing calls and called the attention of the 4 On Your Side Consumer Investigator Jodi Brooks.

The scammers are using threat and aggression to scare people to paying bills that they often do not acknowledge. One customer, Shameca Farris was a victim of these phone calls. She shares that she felt violated for receiving such calls in her work place and receiving threatening messages in her personal phone. The caller insisted she had a payday loan that she owed, but she clearly knew that she did not.

She shares that they demanded $600 so that the issue will stop and they would not have to call her and demand from her again. The caller even threatened her of arrest if she did not pay up. According to Farris they are using embarrassment to get what they want. She was scared at first with the threats but later on she realized that they were nothing but empty.

According to the Denver District Attorney’s Office, though the threats may sound scary and overwhelming, these are nothing but a scam. Lies that their office would hear very often through complaints from consumers; also according to them the law does not state that a person can be arrested for non-payment of debt.

The scammers would say that they are from the American Legal Services or other similar legal agencies, however according to the authorities such agency does not exist. In fact, the company name is now the name of a scam alert in the net.

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