Have you heard these “bits of advice”????This is not a good time to look at property investment? Now is not a good time to invest in the stock market? Now is not a good time to buy oil futures? We have heard this from every “GURU” on the nightly news. Just because everyone is screaming it…does not make it true. Now is the time to go against the flow of popular opinion and buy an investment. The risk must, however, be a reasoned one and never spend the rent money on risky things.

If you are willing to move against the flow you must seek out deals and only buy bargains. Property investment is great because you can feel the permanence of your investment and over time real estate has proved itself to be a solid money maker. Contrary to all the latter day negative gearing you need to make sure of a positive cash flow. Rents must give a return on investment. Simply put…. you do not buy at silly prices you buy only when the figures give you a return. You don’t have to love the investment…just enjoy the cash flow it brings in.

Current feelings of uncertainty in the real estate market makes buying bargains not very difficult. The foreclosure process is not nice for anyone to deal with and being a buyer at a foreclosure or mortgagee sale can make you feel very uncomfortable. These properties do have to be sold though and foreclosures will work to an investor’s advantage. Its just bargain shopping on a bigger scale.

You don’t have to work with just foreclosures. Many people got into the property investment business over the last few years with the promise of easy profits and now feel worried and insecure with mortgages over their family homes or repayment bills that will not lessen in the near future. They just want to quit the game no matter what and will take a loss to set themselves out. Just do not make the same mistake they made. Do the math!! Get a return on your investment. Lastly have the right mind set which is to buy for the long term. Property investment is a long term game and very lucrative over a long period. Just make certain that you are happy and secure with a long term investment and you will really cash in when the next real estate price surge hits. Whenever that might be.

Real estate has always been a long ” self life” type of investment. Just because the market in the last few years has offered fast profits to some…don’t consider that to be the normal exit for this type of investment.[I:http://www.uniquearticlewizard.com/extras/pics/investor411thumb1.jpg]

Doc Schmyz has done real estate deals all over the US and Canada. His free website shares Real estate investing information for all over the US. Find real estate information by state

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