A new company joining the cash advance industry is Payday Loan Buff. This company is providing payday loans to consumers who can apply for loan online by only showing a proof of income. The company announced lately that they plan to put up a base that will operate in South America. A licensing agreement is being set so that Payday Loan Buff can start an office to operate in Northern Mexico.

According to their CEO, part of the company’s plan for expansion is to start with some countries in South America. He further added that the company is lucky to find a partner that allows them to get a license to operate in the whole country of Mexico. This is a way to gain access to many consumers that have been experiencing tremendous financial challenges. The easy way to obtain cash advances is the company’s goal to help their consumers improve their lives little by little.

Payday Loan Buff’s partnership with Mexicans will be directed by a number of local businessmen and businesswomen. These entrepreneurs personally approached the company after seeing a press release of the company’s intention to operate in their region. This group of entrepreneurs is more aware of the potential consumers in their area. Because of this, they can represent the company in the best way possible. Also, they can keep local customs economics in the frontline.

The plans of the company include website development and training for the Mexican team. Aside from this, the company aims to oversee management. This is to ensure that the policies that have been set by the company are being practiced in the new site. Ownership of the operations will still be given to the company but license of the operations will be placed in the hands of the group of entrepreneurs. The group of businessman and businesswoman will take the daily responsibility of handling the operations.

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