New Payday Loan Bill Awaits Delaware

Washington’s Statewide Poverty Action Network campaign manager Danielle Freidman is pleased with a passed bill in 2012 about curb payday lending for he believes it has been very helpful to the nation. According to data, since the law was passed the number of short-term loans has decreased rapidly from the overwhelming three million in 2009 to only one million in 2012.

This state law limited an individual’s loan from the federal state to only eight in a year. There was also a database that was developed by the government agency to include the information of the borrowers and their loan details.

This State law is the basis of Delaware legislators while drafting a payday-lending bill, known as H.B 289, which has already been approved by the House of the State and the Senate, it only awaits one last signature from Governor Jack Markell.

This act from the state of Washington is exactly the intermediary tool that other states need to manage the continuing crisis on the payday loan debts.

The bill only allows five short-term loans for a person in a year, or a twelve-month period. Short-term loans are amounting up to $1000 and not only $500. This law also requires the formation of a database to track the loans that individuals have availed in twelve months. The Banking Commissioner will be in charge of delivering reports on the payday loans during General Assemblies of the State.

Payday loans aroused in the 1990s in the United States, these are short-term debts that are usually high in amount. These can be applied in the internet or through payday lending stores. This requires a fee and a check to the firm that the employee will pay the debt with their salary.

According to the West End Neighborhood House executive director Paul Calistro, there currently exists 350 payday lending stores in Delaware. He adds that these establishments are extorting financially challenged citizens making their status even worse.

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