With so much information available online regarding credit repair, you might begin to wonder if credit repair is possible or, for that matter, legal. In short, yes, you have the right to repair your credit and the U.S. government has even enacted laws which give you this right.

Credit Bureaus and Creditors Want You to Have Bad Credit

In the credit world, creditors and credit bureaus would like you to think that credit reporting is infallible and unchangeable. In reality, it is in their interest only for you to believe this.

If you remove the ability to collect or report debts from creditors and credit bureaus, their job security is challenged. If you go on a crusade to clean up your credit report, they lose. This is why there is so much confusion online as to the legality of credit repair.

A lending agency will never alert you to the fact that you have legal rights regarding your credit report. The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) was enacted to give you credit repair rights and allows you to dispute any negative information listed on your credit report.

Under the FCRA, when creditors and credit bureaus receive a dispute, they have 30 days to investigate the claim. Once the investigation is complete, they must report the outcome to you. Any negative entry that is not verified, must be deleted in its entirety. By following this procedure, which is also your right, you can attempt to rebuild your credit score.

Why Live With Bad Credit When You Can Raise Your Credit Score?

The FCRA protects your right to challenge any negative entry on your credit report which, if not erased, will remain on your credit report for up to 7 years. If rebuilding your credit is something you would like to try, partnering with a legal professional would be a good idea. Consider contacting a credit attorney at Lexington Law for some guidance as you begin your credit repair journey.

We raised our credit scores from the upper 500 range to 745 and 763 in under six months and got approved for our dream home. See proof of our credit repair success at www.creditforcouples.com and get the real truth about lexingtonlaw.com .

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