High unemployment has never stayed at this level for a very long time since the Great Depression. This situation has been making things very difficult for a lot of Americans which is one of the main reasons for the anger and frustration raised to the big banks and Wall Street. The problem is mainly the lack of income of many individuals and families.

Walking around Wall Street, it is not difficult to find a lot of people complaining about being unemployed. The protesters are from different industries like education and construction.

One of the main protesters, Lisa Doherty is on the edge of the road with a sign saying “People Before Profits.” She is a loan processor who lost her job. Because of this, she said that she is feeling that the financial system is against her even if she used to be in the mortgage business. She shares that she cannot obtain a job from a bank as a mortgage loan processor because of her bad credit. But, she also cannot improve her bad credit because she lacks a job.

At this point Doherty shares that she does not know what she is suppose to do. She stays with her family because she cannot pay for her own place. She also has been applying for jobs in other industries like retail but she is always turned down. She expresses her strong desire for things to change since she has been looking for a job for almost three years already.

Although most protesters are unemployed, there are some who aren’t. Some are still college students who want to support the cause of the protest. Nadeem Mazen, the organizer of the protest, says that he is disappointed about the regulators and banks. He said that Ben Bernanke was the speaker of his 2006 commencement. But, the message he gave was lengthy, irrelevant and poorly composed. It was boring and some people fell asleep listening.

Although there are different messages from the protesters, majority of them raises concern about their inability to find a job.

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