Lawmakers are thinking of ways to help those who are struggling with high rates of interest.

One of the ways that they are working on is the Helping Responsible Homeowners Act.

This legislation was already submitted to the senate committee in the earlier months of the present year.

If it is approved, it can truly help those who are having challenges with their home mortgage and could even give them a good rate of interest.

As a loan officer in Arvest Bank, the low rates of interest at the moment have kept realtor Drew Stoner busy.

He said that a lot of individuals and families are currently refinancing and their bank is not rejecting those whose credit qualifies them for a refinance. He added that even those who have been unlucky in the past have options at the moment. This allows borrowers to refinance despite being at 125% of their loan’s property value.

However, those who have mortgages under Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae may not be able to take advantage of the historically low rates of interest.

Lawmakers are thinking the bill over to lighten the restrictions on homeowners under Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Most of these homeowners owe more on their mortgages relative to the total worth of their homes.

According to realtor Tammie Tucker, homeowners who have made on time payments must maintain their good standing. They must not allow their credit to get lower and ensure that their scores are in proper order.

If the bill passes the lawmakers, those struggling with their mortgages will be relieved with the lower rates of interest that they will get. For instance, a mortgage worth $150,000 will give them around $1,100 annual savings.

According to lawmakers, an additional $2.2 billion every year will be added to the economy if the bill is enacted.

But, there is also a concern that the bill’s approval will affect the Midwest. However, when all things are considered, the bill will help generate savings through refinancing.

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