Financial Institutions Open Their Doors to Subprime Lending Again

Banks are starting to open up to subprime lending once again. Equifax spokesperson, Daryl Toor confirmed that in a statement, he further explained that it will not be easy to get a loan if your credit score is below 660 in the FICO credit standards, though consumers are seemingly more responsible and wiser with how they handle their finances.

Bad credit will cost you 5 to 10 percent more when you loan compared to those with stellar credit. Banks would charge you more than the average rates and tie you up with a three year contract that disallows you from increasing your rates in the first year the account is opened.

The ratio of subprime clients have increased this year by 41% compared to 2011 according to Equifax. Credit card insurance for people with VantageScores (those within the 601 to 700 range) has increased to 21% in the first three months of 2012 which is the highest number since 2008.

Those with credit ratings under 600 however are still stuck with limited opportunities. According to Ezra Becker, the vice president of the research and consulting of TransUnion, not everyone is given the chance of a loan because not everyone pays them back, and these high risk clients are among those who are unlikely to pay their loans on time.

The number of credit delinquencies has decreased now and this development greatly contributes to the reason why banks are more comfortable with lending to people with troubled credit standing.the economy in the United States is starting to recover from the great recession it encountered in 2008.

Banks’ credit scores continue to improve and according to TransUnion, the marketing effort is fueling this improvement. Banks and other financial lenders are marketing their services to clients and thus more people are becoming interested in the business.

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