With the historically low rates, different financial institutions such as mortgage servicers, credit unions and banks are doing everything to encourage you to refinance. Before choosing one, make sure to know how long it will take.

Wells Fargo is sending out solicitations through mail showing the difference in their customers’ payments when they decide to refinance to a lower rate and shorter term loan.

Chase is going a little further than Wells Fargo. They are providing their customers with one day air informing their customer that they promise no closing costs and no appraisal for refinancing.

Advantis Credit Union offers their clients a 10-year mortgage that has a low interest rate of 3.29%. It has already given out 200 of this loan type since the month of January.

OSU Federal Credit Union has a raffle program that allows anyone who refinances their home, credit card or vehicle to join. The program will be giving out three cash prizes amounting to $1000 each.

Mentioning these different solicitations does not mean that they are right for you. Make sure that you compare the balance of your present loan and the overall interest payments with any possible cost of refinancing such as closing costs, interest payments and appraisal fee for the entire duration of the loan.

Even if there are long-term advantages of paying your debt in full, do not disregard the impact of a higher payment in your cash flow every month. You do not want to be forced in a cash crunch that will push you to sell your home in a struggling housing market.

Moreover, check around as much as you can. In the past year, many customers of major banks complained that their refinancing was slow. By looking at all your possible options, you can save money on lower fees and rates and you can find a lender that can quickly approve your loan.

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