Does Bad Credit Get in the Way of Your Love?

Settling bad credit will help a customer in saving a lot of money and also this will help in reducing the amount of interest rates for loans.Not only that it will also be your ticket to better car insurance premiums, better chances in being accepted for loans and being the most qualified man for a job opening.

Being financially troubled can be bad for your relationship. Your credit score could be inflicting a huge blow on your love life, so before you start planning for the future, it is best to first know each other’s financial status right now.

First things first, you have to have the idea of what your credit report contains. The criteria that your credit report shows are 35% is your payment history, 30% contains the amount you owed, 15% is the length of your credit history, 10% contains your new credit and the final 10% are the types of credit you have applied and qualified for.

So how do you help each other in rebuilding your credit status? You and your partner are not only partners in love but partners in financial matters as well. If you want your relationship to last then you have to take your credit scores seriously so that it will not interfere with your love life.

Credit scores are just numbers and do not clearly define everything about a person, however you should ask yourself these following questions: what does bad credit say to your employers about you? Why do you have so many outstanding bills or why was your car repossessed? Are you and your partner taking the necessary steps to rebuild your credit? If you do not start now then, when and if you will not help each other then who do you expect to look after one another?

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