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The Service Contract Industry Council or the (SCIC) an organization group which represents almost 80% of the total providers of contracts for appliances, electronics at home and auto services in the United States has released tips for consumers. This press release include the things that consumers should consider in buying extended car warranties or a service contract for brand new vehicles and used ones.

The script seeks to remind clients that they should read the provisions of their contracts very carefully and thoroughly understand all the limitations and inclusions. Another thing you should always keep in mind is to keep evidence of your transactions; these include the paper works, receipts and other records. Furthermore, you should follow the conditions of your manufacturer’s in your car’s maintenance; if you do not it could be a serious breach in your part of the contract.

It is also very important for clients to know the basic information of the manufacturers’ service providers such as the name and contact number. If these are not provided in the contract then you should notify the Department of Insurance or the Better Business Bureau because the company may not be authorized to sell you vehicles.

The script also includes tips for consumers such as being aware of the depreciation or the wear and tear provisions of the company’s warranty; these may include number of years or miles. Another tip is that the consumer has a 30 day “free look” period where in if they think they did not get the right value for their money they could return the car contract and get a full refund.

You should also keep in mind that you should not buy a contract if the company will not disclose a copy of the terms or the conditions for the purchase. And finally, you should be wary of providers that would always use mass marketing techniques.

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