Despite what analysts are saying that the economy is somehow improving, many Americans are still applying for a bad credit loan. This can either be an unsecured personal loan or a cash advance payday loan. Before taking out either of these two loans, always think about the interest rates and high fees that come with these loan types.

As summer 2011 begins, many economists are predicting for the improvement of the whole economy. This will result to higher interest rates and mortgage rates. To prepare for this, it is best to pay all debts with high interest rates before another increase happens. Without doing this, debts may become higher.

Bad credit unsecured loan requires a credit check and is usually charged with higher interest rates. The interest rates are most likely relative to the credit status of the borrower. Thus, the worse the credit background, the bigger chance of getting a higher interest rate. As an example, some lenders charge almost 20% for borrowers with very poor credit standing.

The other type of bad credit loan that does not require a credit check is the cash advance payday loan. The trade off for not having to go through a credit check is the payment of upfront fees. The average fee is from $15 to $35 for every $100 of loan. This may seem to be a small amount. However, when the loan amount is too high, the fees can easily add up to hundreds of dollars.

Regardless of the type of loan to take, always determine how to pay them. Applying and getting a loan without any idea how to come up with the payment may result to a bigger debt problem. Much worse, it can lead to a credit crisis that can turn one’s credit score from bad to worse.

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