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Middletown Registers Good Fiscal Rating Despite Poor Economy

Middletown Registers Good Fiscal Rating Despite Poor Economy

Good news for tax payers of Middletown. The town has earned a good credit rating. According to Mayor Fiore, if the credit rating of a town is good, it will get a favorable interest when it borrows money. In addition to a favorable interest, the credit can be readily availed of because of the lower risk involved. The good credit standing of Middletown also indicates that its debt is low or relatively small.

According to Moody’s Investor Service, Middletown has an Aa2 bond rating. But Moody has lowered the ratings of 24 other municipalities according to the report made by Bloomberg News on NJ.com. Moody does research and provides risk analysis. It is an accredited premier credit rating provider, according to Fiore.

The affirmation by Moody of Middletown’s good credit rating is a big deal for us, Fiore said. It simply shows that the town has a relatively low debt, and the implementation of austere policies for the past years which include budget cuts have paid off. Despite the bad economy, the town has managed to stabilize its financial position by doing the right thing. Opposition claims that the town’s debt is extremely high and it is headed toward bankruptcy. But what is happening is just the opposite. The good credit rating affirms that Middletown is in a strong fiscal shape. While our town has earned top credit rating, other towns nearby have lower credit ratings, Fiore said.

The Aa2 bond rating of Middletown means that the town has a wide tax base, low debt, and more than enough liquidity reserve.

According to Mayor Fiore and Administrator Anthony Mercanatante, the main factors that contribute to the strong financial position of Middletown are the effective management and fiscal strategies. The fiscal strategies include property evaluation reassessment, budget cuts and staff reduction, wide tax base, speedy payment of amortization lowering debt burden, increased surplus resulting to sufficient liquidity.

Children are the Targets of Identity Thieves

Children are the Targets of Identity Thieves

An adult is very much aware of the importance of good credit rating. Credit rating determines the rate of interest of a new loan. It can even determine your chances of getting a job or not.

But most adults do not give much time in monitoring their children’s credit. Because of this, many children have become victims of thieves by using the identities of these children.

One of the victims of an identity theft was Ian Umscheid. He has a credit report which records the following accounts: $5,400 on a credit card from Bank of America; $2,500 from Ally Financial Bank and $4,500 to a jewelry store in California.

According to his father, Simon Umscheid, this happened when Ian was about 6. It showed that he had six or seven accounts with total purchases of about $15,000.This theft began when the family’s health care provider from California lost a computer hard disk drive. Sadly, thousands of dollars had already been racked up before credit monitoring service discovered the suspicious purchases.

Ian said that the computer was stolen and they found his name and used his identity in a card. According to the Federal Trade Commission, more than 19,000 children were victims of stolen identity. They are the best targets because of no debt record.

The children discover that their identities were stolen when they turn 16 or 17. It is at this time that they usually apply for student loan or car loan, according to Atty. Steven Toporoff of Federal Trade Commission. Thieves know that if they get Social Security Number of a child, it would take many years before parents will discover the credit record of their child.

Here are some tips on how to avoid children to become victims of identity theft.

Trey Loughman of Equifax recommends that parents’ should keep safely their child’s social security number. Do not put it in their wallet unless it is needed. Monitor regularly the credit record of their child, Trey further said.

According to D.A. Simon Umscheid , the father of Ian, his home was hit by identity theft despite of his being a district attorney and prosecutor for 12 years. In other words this thing can happen to anybody. Therefore, parents should be very careful in keeping the social security number of their children.

To make it hard for thieves to get or guess the Social Security numbers, the Social Security Administration has made changes in issuing new numbers. Instead of basing it on when and where a child is born, the number is now issued randomly.

Useful Tips on How to Get a Low Auto Loan Rate Online

Useful Tips on How to Get a Low Auto Loan Rate Online

Online car loan shopping effectively guarantees that you are getting the most beneficial rates. Your location is not really a hurdle to acquiring the top car finance rate. However, you want to benefit from the funding alternatives accessible. While looking for an auto loan, research finance businesses, negotiate terms, and increase your down payment to get reduced rates.

Study Funding Companies: A guaranteed method to find the best car loan rate is to study finance companies. Only by requesting quotes and evaluating the fine print can you definitely know you are obtaining the lowest rate.

Fortunately, online auto loan lenders offer hassle-free ways to compare loan providers. With some websites you’ll be able to make side-by-side evaluations, while other websites will email you multiple financing offers. Car finance providers work hard to get customers by negotiating reduced rates with lenders, so you often will find far better deals through their websites that through a contract.

To make sure that you are acquiring precise quotes, fill out the form as completely as possible. A little change in income or employment dates can lessen your interest rate.

Negotiate Conditions: To find the right car finance for your financial situation, you’ll want to balance the interest rates and amount of your loan. Smaller loans provide lower rates, but with a greater payment per month. Have a look at your monthly budget to see what kind of car loan would work best for your situation.

Maximize Your Down payment: While zero down or slight down payments are options for car buyers, a huge deposit can save you money. By placing down 20% or more, you will be eligible for a a lower rate of interest, even if you have adverse credit. You will also save money by failing to pay interest on that part of the car’s price.

Demand A Better Deal: By getting pre-qualified for car finance, you are able to also decrease the cost of your car by demanding a far better deal from your dealership. As a pre-qualified buyer, sales staff sees you as a cash buyer, and they want your money. You could work out for refunds, higher trade-in value of your vehicle, and additional features.

Useful Tips on Finding Computer Financing

Useful Tips on Finding Computer Financing

Finding financing for a new personal computer can be a daunting job, but doing your research can help you get the very best deal with the very best payment alternatives. Computer financing can be especially difficult or tremendous especially if you have poor or restricted credit. But there are some merchants that may extend financing solutions even if your credit score is much less than perfect. Your most effective bet would be to study the numerous merchants and delivers when you are seeking to finance a personal computer.

Visiting an electronics store or other merchant that sells computers is a good way to arm your self with information about the products and loans options. Once you narrow your options to a couple of, make sure to read the small print within the financing offers so that you’re totally informed. Be sure to think about the interest rate, monthly installment routine and entire contract. If you have poor credit, you’ll want to investigate loan providers who offer funding with out a credit check.

You will also need to review websites or stores as soon as you determine on an offer. Making sure that you are purchasing a computer through the best source will give you satisfaction which you are not being swindled or cheated. You’ll also want to determine if you entitled to the financing plan before you become too absorbed in the process. There might not be a credit check, but constraints likely will apply. Although they vary, restrictions usually consist of minimum age requirements, steady employment and minimum monthly profits. You may also have to prove that you are already employed for a certain quantity of time in a steady place of work; this is a loan provider’s way of knowing that you will have the earnings to make payments.

So to conclude finding computer financing must be a relatively easy process even if you have a poor credit history, although for people who do it will almost certainly be a little bit more difficult to find the right deal.

Where to Find Bad Credit Installment Loans

Where to Find Bad Credit Installment Loans

In the event you search through the web to look for bad credit personal installment loans, you could find that they can be obtained through lots of online lenders in an easy method. Lots of online lenders state that they are able to accept the loan applications within 1 day even though the loan applicants have bad credit histories. How real are all these lenders?

For people who have a low credit ranking, do you know that your credit scores will turn into worse if you are caught up by unethical loan companies? These types of loan providers make use of your personal info for some other intentions and yet they charge you exceptionally high rates of interest. In order to stay away from the unwanted financial deficits, you are advised to spend more hours and put in more effort to look for efficient bad credit loan companies.

First thing first, ask yourself seriously, how much loan do you need? Before you process the online loan companies, you have to know your exact loan quantity. Then you need to examine your present economic situation. Are you able to pay back the monthly installment on time? Please follow this assessment significantly. You’re reminded not to take up any poor credit personal installment loan if your regular earnings is not adequate to cover the transaction.

After you’ve settled your internal review, the next factor you have to do is to look for the best loan company. Where can you acquire the legitimate one? You cannot simply obtain the lenders through online advertisements or websites. You stand a high chance to be trapped by scams. You need to apply proper method. To be able to get a trusted loan provider, you’re highly recommended to refer to the website of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) for assistance. Keep away from those loan providers who have a lot of complaints from the consumers.

If you wish to save time, you can narrow your search on the BBB licensed loan suppliers. Find the loan companies in your state and check their ratings. Some loan companies are approved by Better Business Bureau but their particular rankings are low. You’re recommended to decline them. Just concentrate on those with high scores. Although there are plenty of sites which claim that they can provide listings of loan companies with good backgrounds, you are recommended not to take them as references. Who knows these people could be scams too?

To summarize, in order to get the loan from the right location, you’re advised not to use quick way. Be sure you do your homework thoroughly.

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