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Can I Get A Mortgage with Bad Credit?

If you are wondering, “How can I get a mortgage with bad credit?” There is good new for you and bad news too.

first of all, getting a mortgage starts off with having a decent down payment and a good credit score. The normal method for getting a mortgage starts with you finding a bank or a mortgage broker to help you shop for the best rates and terms for the mortgage.

There are different kinds of programs for you depending on what kind of homebuyer you are. There are first-time home buyer programs as well, there are programs for veterans. You should understand the different programs that FHA loans offer. Read the rest of this entry

House Loans For People With Bad Credit

Let’s take a look at house loans for people with bad credit.

Before, it was pretty easy to get any kind of home morgage loan with bad credit. Those little devils were called the stated income mortgage loan. And, as Im sure you are aware, these little guys were really the heart of the financial crisis that we are dealing with right now. What happened was all of these sub prime loans got out to people, and all kinds of folks that couldn’t really afford any of this, went and bought homes and got mortgages that they couldn’t afford.

From this, what happened was eventually, people counn’t keep refinancing their loanns and they couldn’t keep getting more and more easy credit. Eventually, the cards started collapsing,a nd lots and lots of foreclosures started happening. As more and more people went into foreclosure, banks started to get a bit untable, and they started to collapse as well. Read the rest of this entry

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