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Tips To Achieving an Excellent Credit Score

In the world of credit scores, 850 is the lucky number and the perfect score. This is clearly not a result of accidents. This is not just achieved by making timely payments of bills. This requires strong determination and dedication to increase a credit score, the knowledge on how to increase it and the time. Here is a personal experience of a 23 year old associate who was able to obtain this excellent score.

Joshua Duvachelle, an associate editor of a nonprofit organization takes pride of his 736 credit score. At this very young age, he attributes this achievement to the way his parents raised him. That is, to be a person who practices strong work ethics and someone who knows how to save beginning at an early age. He shares having seen the way his parents enjoyed abundance and suffered scarcity. This led him to build a strong foundation for his financial future.

He took his knowledge of building good credit from working on full-time credit projects. He also studies financial magazines. At age 18, he opened his own credit card. Currently, he checks his scores monthly by subscribing to any of the three credit bureaus. Annually, he also obtains a free report from these three reporting agencies. Experian, Trans Union, and Equifax are the main reporting entities.

Mr. Duvachelle boasts of having a perfect history of payments. Through all these time, he experienced having an incorrectly sent account but he gave time to dispute it for many months until it was fixed. Even his student loan that amounted to $15,000 was all paid down until the last few amounts of the loan. This unpaid amount was purposely done to maintain an installment form of debt which credit bureaus consider in giving a high score. Aside from this, Duvachelle spends only about 30 to 40% of the total limit in his credit cards. He knows that this is the maximum amount he can consume to maintain his credit rating.

Expenditures that will exceed 40% of the credit limit will cause a decline in the credit score.
From this personal experience, it is easy to point out the factors that contribute to a good credit standing. This include proper financial management, constant checking of one’s credit reports, disputing errors, making timely payments, creating a perfect payment history, paying down debts, maintaining different types of loans and limiting credit card usage to a maximum of 40%.

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Bad Credit Installment Loan Reviews

Bad Credit Installment Loan Reviews

Individuals with bad credit who want money immediately frequently face a huge drawback on the finance industry. If you’re one of those particular people and so are thinking about where to find a bad credit installment loan. It is merely essential to have a well-established income source along with this loan to ensure that you have already met your basic expenditures each month while currently staying on the reimbursement of the installment loan.

The very first area to find this kind of loan is through the use of some traditional financing institutions like a bank or a credit union. You must frequently visit the one that you previously hold an account. In case you are up front regarding your credit standing as well as your purposes in having a loan, a banking institution that sees you as their trustworthy client might be willing to work with you for your business.

If none of your traditional institution can offer you money, know that there are more alternative choices available. If you want extra money than your bank is able to give, then you can look through other financial institutions online. There are many organizations online that will be willing to offer installment loans for people with poor credit. There are also certain areas which will do that without the need of credit checks, by simply using your income like a guarantee. You will find a huge number of online loan providers who specialize in providing loans to people with bad credit scores.

Don’t forget that the credit companies are like everything else powered by competition. There are numerous individuals out there that are economically in hard situations today. If loan providers wouldn’t give loans to those people with bad credit, many might step out of business. Alternatively, be sure to be comfortable in yourself as well as your familiarity with your own expenses and needs. Be sure that you can repay the loan that you get and check around to find the best offer available instead of taking the first loan which is given.

Personal Installment Loan Bad Credit

Personal Installment Loan Bad Credit

A lot of people nowadays have found themselves within a bad scenario in which they’ve poor or bad credit. But these people still need finance for urgent cases or maybe just need a bit of extra income. When you have no financial savings and have poor credit ratings, it could often seem unattainable for the money that you barely need. So is there any good possibility to get a personal installment loan bad credit?

Well, there will be positive and negative information for this I guess. The good news is yes, you will find firms that are able to offer loans to individuals with a bad credit record. In actual fact, you will find a large number of such organizations. The bad news is it sometimes like searching through a stack of needle to get these contractors. Not because they are quite few, but the individual may not know precisely where you can look for a loan and just moves ahead and starts making an application under any circumstances.

This can be a bad thought because you can ruin your credit with all of these applications instantly appearing with credit checks. And if you have a lesser credit score already you don’t want something like that to happen in your life.

Hence, the smartest thing to do in case you are in need of immediate cash is to directly find a list of providers that are already proven in giving personal bad credit loans assistance and even loans without the need of credit checks. Take extra care with regards to which loan firm you decide to go through, as some are really a little questionable. The methods I’m generally talking about are those types who advertise something similar to payday loans. Keep away from this type of loan because these firms intend to have their money paid back in just a small period of time. Avoid getting involved in a loan service something like that.

Please remember that you might pay a bit higher monthly interest than the usual loan but try not to be enticed by those lenders who offer you to pay excessively high amounts. Look around for a deal that comes within your financial budget and pay out the loan based on the date that the financial institutions have given to avoid extra charges.

How Do I Find A Bad Credit Installment Loan Direct Lender

How Do I Find A Bad Credit Installment Loan Direct Lender

Have you been facing financial problems and is wishing for urgent support for an emergency situation? If yes, then you definitely should apply for Installment loans for bad credit. These are short term installment loans which have been issued for any kind of emergency state. You are not asked to disclose the true reason for loans. You simply need to match the required criteria for the loan. Your loan will be easily approved on the basis of your overall income this means you really need to prove you are competent to repay the financing on time. You also need to prove that you are currently employed and are getting approximately $1000 a month. These all are needed to prove that you are capable of paying back the loan.

Installment loans for bad credit are the most effective way to get loans as they don’t give you any kind of stress. You may be able to reimburse the credit in easy installments. The lender will not request you to pay back the borrowed funds at once. These refinancing options can fetch you around $100 to $1500 for a duration of 14 to 31 days. To help you solve your financial troubles with this much of quantity.

The best thing about this type of loan is that you will never be asked to go through any kind of credit check. The loan will likely be approved with no type of official procedure. When the lender is satisfied to know that you really have the ability to payback your loan they are going to approve your loan in less than 24 hours or so. Moreover, collateral is not that necessary for this type of loan. It is possible to receive the money without any kind of pledging formalities. Therefore it makes it simple for you to avail the money without getting back into much hassle. In the event you need urgent money you should choose these loans without any delay.

It is very easy to find those bad credit installment loan direct lenders nowadays; you may refer to online resources in finding them however you need to be cautious in picking one. To avoid yourself from falling into fraudulent loan companies Better Business Bureau (BBB) is always available to help you via their website.



Good news for Joes and Janes! According to’s U.S. latest Credit Score Climate Report, credit scores are improving.

From December 2011 to January 2012, the average credit card debt has dropped by 8 percent registering $6,069.  This is the first time that credit scores have gone up since April 2011.

Except for Wisconsin, every state has the reason to celebrate and pat their backs for paying credit card debt this first month. The Cheeseheads however have increased their average credit card debt by 4 percent.

Let us look at the improvement in credit card debt of the following states: According to report Arkansas, Nebraska, and Iowa achieved the largest percentage in credit card debt reduction; the lowest mortgage debt went to West Virginians; And for the lowest auto debt, it was achieved by Wisconsin.


There is no quick fix solution to improve your credit score. It takes time, patience and financial focus to do it. Here are three simple but effective steps to fix your credit score.

1. Get a credit card but do not overuse it.

While it is true that you need to have credit in order to boost your credit score, you must also bear in mind that big balances can give you so much burden so it is advisable that you have to be wise in your spending.


Your credit score will improve by getting installment loan like auto loan, personal loan or student loan. But you have to pay your dues on time to create an impression that you are a responsible person.


If you have a high credit limit but your balance is zero or low it is equivalent to credit score gold. According to MSN Money article, there are instances that your credit card issuer does not report your limit accurately. This is the reason why you have to check your limit.

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