2nd Campaign Aide to DC Mayor Pleads Guilty

Another former campaign staff of Mayor Vincent Gray, who is heads the State of Columbia has stepped forward and claimed guilty for a federal offense during the politician’s bidding in the 2010 elections. This has been the second time this week that someone from the politician’s former entourage has stepped up against him.

Mr. Howard Brooks has stated that he was guilty for giving false statements to the authorities about the payments he gave to another candidate from Mayor Gray’s funds for his campaign. The first to step up was Thomas Gore, who said he was guilty of making the same payments and destroying any evidence of it. This made it clear that the campaign of the Mayor involved some dirty politics.

The participation of the Mayor in this misdeed however still remains a question for authorities. Though this current scandal is a big blow to his reputation, there has been no evidence what so ever to prove that he has been involved in the bribery. He even claimed in one federal investigation that he has no idea that his staff had been engaging in dirty tactics.

According to Gore, he shredded evidence of his payments to Sulaimon Brown, a candidate for mayor who was allegedly paid to make negative remarks about former Columbia District Mayor Adrian Fenty. There was a collusion that happened among the staffers that involved about $2,810 and Brown.

According to the documents in court, Brooks was inculcated to funnel money and pay Brown but no one was named by the papers. Brown was said to be receiving money from Brooks and the Mayor’s campaign manager Lorraine Green who is also a family friend of the Brooks. Though Green admitted she met the mayor candidate and even spoke with him in the phone, she denied having offered him cash or any privilege in the administration of Mayor Gray.

According to the officials of the administration, Brown was given a position that paid $110,000 in a year without an interview. But he was fired just after a few weeks; he then started his allegations against Gray in public.

The current mayor led by 10% of the votes against his greatest rival Fenty during the election. His platform was about reinstating the integrity of the administration. But this scandal has just done the complete opposite.

Brooks has been cooperative with the authorities in the investigation; he even wore a wire when he came to meet Gore in one of their private meetings. He would be receiving a maximum of 6 months in jail and probation rights.

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